Cities can make people healthier and happier

It is now widely recognised that the layout of our cities can have a direct impact on the health and happiness of people living and working in them. 

City living can make you healthier and happier.
City living can make you healthier and happier.

Find out more in a special issue of our Urban Planning and Design journal.

Issue editor Tim Townshend of Newcastle University says, 'Human health and well-being are now very much at the heart of the urban design and planning agendas. However, this is a relatively recent phenomenon.'

So how is it done?

Topics covered in the issue include a methodology to understand how built environments can support healthy lifestyles, measures to assess well-being in low-carbon-dioxide cities, relationships between green development and health, the importance of gardens to older people, and how to improve wayfinding for citizens with dementia.

Also featured is Burton's important 'space to flourish charter' which was published last year. Its rallying cry that 'people's well-being should be the central goal' of all professionals tasked with creating, adapting and managing our built environments is echoed throughout the fascinating articles of this special edition.

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