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  • Join us for ICE's '<a href=Building your business with data' webinar" src="/ICEDevelopmentWebPortal/media/News/Blogs/data-centric.jpg">

    Racing towards a data-centric business model

    • Author: Manuel Timita
    • Date: 16 August, 2017

    How can civil engineering firms gain a competitive edge through data use? Manuel Timita of illustreets and Chris Dice of Cude Engineers discuss, ahead of our webinar on 30 August.

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  • NEC contracts are designed to facilitate collaborative working

    NEC contracts: be open inclusive and incentivise

    • Author: Beth West
    • Date: 15 August, 2017

    It is an exciting time for NEC users. The contract suite is growing in use almost exponentially with it now being adopted for all of the UK’s many existing and proposed multi-billion-pound infrastructure projects.

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  • To keep graduates companies need to build a great place to work

    What makes a great place to work?

    • Author: Brittany Harris
    • Date: 14 August, 2017

    Even for an engineer any employer needs to do more than provide a smart office space and free tea if they want to keep everyone onboard.

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  • NEC contracts: don't just put them away in the drawer

    • Author: Beth West
    • Date: 08 August, 2017

    I’ve spent over 20 years working in complex contractual environments but only recently come to appreciate just how important ‘aligning behaviours’ is to the success of a contract.

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  • Tideway central team is building a 32.6 m diameter, 86 m deep launch shaft at Battersea using diaphragm walling.

    Super sewer: an update on Thames Tideway

    • Author: Andy Alder and Mike Appleton
    • Date: 03 August, 2017

    Thames Tideway delivery manager Andy Alder and communications executive Mike Appleton report on progress with London’s new £4.2 billion ‘super sewer’ in this month’s ICE Civil Engineering journal.

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  • Kate Cairns tells us about her career and why she became CEnv.

    CEnv qualification – what it means to one member

    • Author: Kathryn Denham-Maccioni
    • Date: 03 August, 2017

    ICE member Kate Cairns is an Independent Sustainability Advisor based in the North East of England. She qualified as a Read more

  • Recent tragic events have highlighted the immense importance in understanding the impact of fire on concrete - particularly as new developments impact mix design

    Fire safety: don’t take concrete for granted

    • Author: Professor Long-yuan Li
    • Date: 01 August, 2017

    Recent tragic events in London highlight the need for a holistic approach to fire safety engineering. Professor Long-yuan Li from University of Plymouth, guest editor of ICE’s Magazine of Concrete Research, says the fire behaviour…

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  • Digital transformation: the impact of digital will redefine the human contribution to engineering

    Has digital's impact on civil engineering really hit us yet?

    • Author: Ben McAlinden
    • Date: 31 July, 2017

    If digital is going to transform the civil engineering industry then just how is it going to look in 5,10 or 20 years? ICE’s Ben McAlinden discusses our Digital Transformation campaign, previews ICE’s Shaping A Digital World…

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  • Book of the Month – The Meon Valley Railway.

    Book of the Month – The Meon Valley Railway

    • Author: M.D. Carter
    • Date: 26 July, 2017

    ICE Library’s book of the month, reviewed by ICE Fellow Mervyn D Carter FICE FPWI

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  • River Witham Flood Defences: old tyres used to benefit rather than harm water management.

    Innovative concepts, analyses and technologies for sustainable water management

    • Author: Judith Sykes
    • Date: 20 July, 2017

    How should we understand water management in our age when humanity itself is now a powerful force on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems (aka ‘the Anthropocene era’)? Do we understand the most critical factors in…

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