Perfecting the world’s pavements

Civil engineers have been building pavements for thousands of years, from the earliest Roman roads to today’s super-jumbo runways.

Thousands of years to perfect the world
Thousands of years to perfect the world's pavements

Research and development continues throughout the world, the latest of which is reported in a special issue of the ICE’s Transport journal.

Topics covered include material characteristics, predictions of pavement performance, maintenance and rehabilitation of pavements and asphalt recycling. The issue features nine papers by authors from 15 different countries.

The research studies include:

  • A prediction model from New Zealand on the structural condition of an asphalt pavement, using ‘support vector machines’
  • Research from Greece showing about defining threshold values for skid resistance, evenness and rutting at the operational stage
  • A report from Turkey on the performance of thin asphalt overlays on a concrete base
  • A methodology for project-level maintenance and rehabilitation strategies on high-volume urban roads in Saudi Arabia
  • New insight into worksite arrangements to reduce the effects of maintenance activity on road users from the University of Nottingham
  • Rehabilitation of concrete pavements in South Korea

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