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A predicted skills shortage, currently high on the agenda, is a timely reminder that keen graduates enter the industry every year, and we need to give them every opportunity to develop their skills.

Members of the winning team,
Members of the winning team, 'Strike while the iron is Mott'
  • Updated: 02 May, 2015
  • Author: Rob Curd

One such opportunity occurred last week at the 25th annual MERIT competition final. MERIT is a competition for young engineers, normally in their first few years post-graduation, to get a feel for running a business.

It’s an online game, with parameters set to win project work, whilst keeping an eye on current and future commitments such as share price. The final is held each year at Loughborough University.

The final this year was the most international yet, with three teams from Asia (Bangalaru, Hong Kong and New Delhi), one from America (New York and Brazil), and two from UK (Sheffield and Birmingham). It gives a possible glimpse of where the industry is going; international teams, collaborating online across differing timezones, to win and complete work.

The dedication shown by all competitors was impressive, with one team burning the candle till 4am the night before the final, to perfect their strategy.

The skype screen was an integral part of the New York team, and it was impressive to see the New York team members struggle to keep to the daylight competition hours of GMT with their teammates based in Loughborough Uni – so much so that when the VIP visitor came round, Sir John Armitt no less, there came across the ether a bark to their team members to ‘Get back to work!’.

For further information, please see below the videos from this year's competition, and the registration will open on 31st October for MERIT 2016. Find out more and sign up to the newsletter today.


Interviews about what the MERIT competition develops; with

  • Nigel Hailey, Arup;
  • Keeks Wijesinghe, Atkins;
  • Matt Catton, Mott MacDonald;
  • Him Pong (James) Wong, Atkins Asia Pacific;
  • Sir John Armitt, Senior Vice President, ICE; "Merit helps to build successful and broad engineers to lead the industry and shape the world"
  • Professor Ronald McCaffer, Loughborough University; "you need to think like directors and act like directors"
  • Winning team 'Strike while the Iron is Mott'; "preparation is key"

View a list of the personal competencies developed by participants in the MERIT business simulation.

Watch a video of the MERIT 2016 final.

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