Book of the Month – May 2017

This ICE Library team have picked a selection of books aimed at budding engineers.

Book of the Month – May 2017
Book of the Month – May 2017

You should catch them young, they say.

Opening up the library as an exhibition space has attracted engineers of all ages and we have now started a small collection of children's books to attract the next generation to an exciting career in civil engineering.

There are picture books for the very young, showing them how to be a builder and how Toad makes a road.

Older children can find out about the science behind engineering and more by carrying out their own Really Rotten Experiments, read how Peter and his Granddad build a railway in their back garden and trace the footsteps of I.K. Brunel and See Under the Ground.

Let them discover how fascinating engineering works are not just done by humans, but also by animals and see how Animal Architects build, weave and tunnel their homes.

If they were inspired by our amazing Lego Bridge, this will provide information on The World's Most Amazing Bridges.

And you can start preparing yourself for our next Exhibition on Tunnels, starting mid-May with our books on the greatest, longest, deepest and darkest tunnels. Learn about the Gotthard Tunnel and discover extraordinary facts about the London Underground.

After such inspiration, they will be well placed to find their future career in engineering.

If you are visiting the tunnel exhibition have a flick through the books, and you are of course welcome to borrow any of them through our postal loan service.