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  • A laser scan was used to create a BIM model of Chetwynd viaduct in Ireland

    Bridge management goes digital

    • Author: Craig Giaccio
    • Date: 22 September, 2017

    Digital engineering is making a huge difference to how civil engineers manage bridges. Craig Giaccio, editor of a themed issue of ICE’s Bridge Engineering journal, explains.

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  • Beginning of a beautiful friendship: cyber security must integrate with the engineering process

    Cyber security meet engineering... engineering meet cyber security

    • Author: Unnamed representative
    • Date: 19 September, 2017

    Ahead of speaking at ICE’s Shaping a Digital World conference our unnameable representative from the National Cyber Security Centre highlights their research into engineering processes and security.

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  • Pumping heavyweight concrete across long distances was the engineering challenge set by Crossrail

    Can you pump heavyweight concrete through 500m of 125mm pipeline?

    • Author: Andrew Turner
    • Date: 13 September, 2017

    Ahead of the ICE webinar with Crossrail and LKAB Minerals on 26 September, Andrew Turner discusses the challenges of pumping heavyweight concrete for use in high-density floating track slab (FTS) at Crossrail.

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  • Analysis suggests that up to 1GW of onshore wind power could be brought forward in the UK without the need for any direct subsidy.

    How near are we to subsidy-free low carbon electricity?

    • Author: Robert Mattholie
    • Date: 12 September, 2017

    The decision by government to give the go-ahead to 3 offshore wind farms is a huge boost for the viability of renewable energy. But just how close are we really to providing subsidy-free low carbon electricity?

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  • Author Teodoro Alvarez-Fadon will be speaking at ICE's Shaping a Digital World conference in October

    Construction sector: too traditional, lacks innovation, doesn't collaborate. Discuss

    • Author: Teodoro Alvarez-Fadon
    • Date: 06 September, 2017

    Are perceptions of the construction sector fair and if they are, what do we need to do about it?

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  • The SWiFT SVP is the latest profiler from Valeport featuring Bluetooth

    Data collection need not be fraught with danger

    • Author: Kevin Edwards
    • Date: 01 September, 2017

    The process of gathering data – from deploying an instrument, to retrieving the profiles, downloading them, reformatting, and reviewing data sets – is a challenging one for engineers the world over. But as manufacturers there…

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  • 2017 will be the 11th time ICE has hosted the Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters conference

    The promise from this year's Breakwaters conference

    • Author: Kevin Burgess
    • Date: 31 August, 2017

    Next week’s ‘Breakwaters’ – Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters conference in Liverpool – has been running for 35 years and is one of the most respected international conferences on maritime and…

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  • By using high-strength steel, the main roof trusses at Friends Arena, Stockholm, were 13% lighter and 15% cheaper than using conventional strength steel

    Super structures: an update on high-strength steel design

    • Author: Nancy Baddoo and Tak-Ming Chan
    • Date: 31 August, 2017

    Super-strength steels up to 1000 MPa allow engineers to push the boundaries of structural design. Nancy Baddoo and Tak-Ming Chan, editors of new themed issues of ICE’s Structures and Buildings journal, report.

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  • Civil engineers need to find sustainable ways to adapt critical infrastructure and services to the cope with greater extremes of climate

    Climate change: the need to adapt sustainably

    • Author: Geoff Darch
    • Date: 29 August, 2017

    Reducing carbon dioxide emissions will not halt climate change. Civil engineers need to start sustainable adaptation now, says Geoff Darch, editor of themed issue of ICE’s Engineering Sustainability journal.

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  • Wind Turbine At Martham (courtesy Matthew Philpot)

    Watt next for decarbonisation?

    • Author: Philip Pascal
    • Date: 24 August, 2017

    It is now all but certain that the UK will miss its 2020 interim emission reduction targets for heat and transport. However, ICE's Energy Expert Panel Chair Phillip Pascall challenges that there is hope, and highlights policy…

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