Book review - International compendium of coastal engineering

An excellent overview of the discipline of coastal engineering, covering a range of topics in 17 chapters and 500 pages.  Each chapter could stand on it’s own and they’re written by leading figures in the field – Yoshimi Goda on random waves, Robert Dean on beach nourishment and John Herbich on dredging, for example.

September's book review on coastal engineering

Title: International compendium of coastal engineering
Author: Sato, S and Isobe, M (eds.)
Year: 2015

Why should you read this book?

It's mainly based on Japanese case studies, reminding us of the depth of experience and practice of coastal work in this country, for example in a valuable chapter on tsunamis. However, there are also four chapters on coastal zone management that describe current practice in Europe and the USA as well.

The breadth of coverage not only in geography, but also in its desire to include the practical alongside basic theory, makes it an interesting and informative read.

Who should read this book?

Engineers and consultants working in coastal engineering and in numerical modelling. Student and graduate engineers will also find it useful.


The book is available for borrowing from the ICE Library. You can request it online through the Library catalogue or contact us on 020 7665 2254 or

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