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  • Importance dendrogram for highway bridge condition in England.

    Dealing with big data from smart infrastructure

    • Author: Timo Hartmann
    • Date: 20 September, 2018

    Advanced analysis is needed to crunch the growing flood of data from smart infrastructure sensors. Timo Hartmann of TU Berlin introduces a themed issue of the ICE Smart Infrastructure and…

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  • Investing sustainably – some business leaders are not yet convinced.

    Why investors are adopting the SDGs

    • Author: Raechel Kelly,
    • Date: 13 September, 2018

    Some business leaders are as yet uncertain of the use of the Sustainable Development Goals, and how they could benefit their sector. From an investment industry perspective, Raechel Kelly, Ethical Screening, provides a quick overview of…

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  • Disagreements over the adoption of sewerage assets can have significant short and medium term consequences for all stakeholders; new contractual agreements for developers could help substantially

    The challenges of sewer asset ownership: have your say

    • Author: David Strang
    • Date: 10 September, 2018

    It isn’t often that an industry regulator offers developers the opportunity to be key shapers of new contractual arrangements, but a workstream doing precisely that is now running until March 2019. David Strang, of Water UK…

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  • Data and behaviours in construction: in conversation with Invennt

    • Author: Brendan Morahan
    • Date: 06 September, 2018

    To maximise the potential of data in construction, behaviours, leadership and business models need to change. Ahead of his speaking role at ICE Shaping a Digital World, Brendan Morahan, of Invennt tells us why.

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  • Brickwork collapse at an Edinburgh school exposed fundamental failing in modern construction practice

    The building sector is failing on supervision

    • Author: Ronnie Hunter, Jim Young
    • Date: 03 September, 2018

    Ronnie Hunter, ICE council member for Scotland, and Jim Young, ICE Scotland senior vice chair, say in the latest edition of Civil Engineering that last year’s inquiry into Scottish building failures shows the need for more…

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  • Participants designing imaginary future cities during two Future Visioning workshops in the UK

    Visions for future cities

    • Author: Andreas Brück, Angela Million
    • Date: 30 August, 2018

    The visions of today’s urban designers and planners will be judged by future citizens. Andreas Brück and Angela Million of TU Berlin discuss a themed issue of ICE’s Urban Design and Planning journal on the topic.

  • What is Empirical Design and why does it matter?

    • Author: Thomas Boothby
    • Date: 24 August, 2018

    How can we capture the experience gained on one project, to improve delivery of the next? In this article, Thomas Boothby discusses the true meaning of empirical design and how all parties involved in construction identify, categorise…

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  • The new KAFD metro station facade in Riyadh will be maintained by people, cobots and drones

    Using robots to close the gap between designing and making

    • Author: Andrew Watts
    • Date: 23 August, 2018

    The construction industry’s approach to design for manufacture and assembly is to use remote off-site factories. Andrew Watts of Newtecnic says greater use of robotics and local, flexible ‘construction laboratories’ is…

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  • Should drainage really be a key skill set of highways engineers or is there another way forward?

    Are Highway engineers really drainage specialists in disguise?

    • Author: Jeroen Rijsdijk
    • Date: 20 August, 2018

    The specifics of challenges for highways engineers may vary from country to country, but some similarities are emerging, as seen from projects in the UK, the Netherlands and China.  Jeroen Rijsdijk, Arcadis Netherlands, discusses…

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  • Using the Thames for freight transport can reduce pollution and boost the economy.

    The River Thames: an untapped asset?

    • Author: Ben McAlinden
    • Date: 16 August, 2018

    The River Thames should be an integral part of London’s transport network, but steps are needed to realise its potential. Ahead of October’s Global Engineering Congress, our roundtable report explores how a wide network of…

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