Growing cities and building resilience: new campaign launched

Around the world, cities are growing rapidly, creating big challenges for civil engineers. But what will the new infrastructure these cities need look like, and how should it be delivered?

In 200 years, the proportion of the world
In 200 years, the proportion of the world's population living in urban areas has risen from 3% to over 50%
  • Updated: 28 April, 2016
  • Author: Kelly Forbes, ICE Policy Manager

Following the launch of ICE’s green paper on urbanisation in March, our dedicated campaign webpage ‘Growing cities and building resilience’ is now live.

This page will host videos and articles from industry experts exploring some of the key impacts of urbanisation, and how civil engineers can help to create resilient and sustainable cities in the context of growing populations.

Outgrowing our cities

We are outgrowing several of our cities, not only in terms of population but also in what we expect from them. Furthermore, people’s needs – sufficient, good quality housing, transport, green space, community – have to be balanced with the mega-challenges of climate change, resource depletion and changing technology.

Civil engineers will deliver the infrastructure which supports our future urban populations. The question is – what will that infrastructure look like?

Speaking at the EcoBuild conference, Past President of ICE Professor David Balmforth, explained why it is so important that ICE take an active role in addressing these challenges:


David Balmforth speaking at EcoBuild

Got a view?

Over the next 12 months ICE will bring together professionals and academics from across the built environment, exploring the issues within the urbanisation debate and identify practical solutions to the challenges posed.

And you can get involved too. Explore the website and themes in more detail and join in the conversation on each page!