ICE and Brexit

Over a week has passed since the British public voted to leave the EU. For all the political noise it remains very unclear what Brexit will mean for civil engineering and our efforts to deliver the infrastructure the UK will need to thrive.

ICE is using its influence to bring together organisations to provide Government with analysis and insight
ICE is using its influence to bring together organisations to provide Government with analysis and insight
  • Updated: 04 July, 2016
  • Author: Andrew Crudgington, ICE Director External Affairs and Strategy

This uncertainty and confusion is why the ICE is doing everything it can to bring people together to speak with one voice on the important issues facing us. We have spent the last week in urgent talks with leaders and organisations across the construction sector to build a team of experts to help inform those negotiating the terms of the UK’s withdrawal.

In advance of the referendum we identified a number of headline issues including investment, skills, codes & standards and research & universities that are all closely tied up with our relationship with the EU. Now that the public have voted to leave we must ensure that our negotiators understand and act upon the issues that underpin our contribution to UK Plc.

ICE is using its influence to bring together the organisations that can provide government with the analysis and insight they need. We will also be part of a parallel initiative led by the Royal Academy of Engineering to ensure that the needs of UK engineering are understood.

The Brexit vote means change. Over the last half decade there has been real progress towards improving the UK’s infrastructure. Our engineering and science base remains world class. ICE, our sister professional bodies and the wider construction industry have come together to ensure that this progress is not slowed and that where Brexit creates opportunities they are embraced.

Members can also play a big role. In a time of great change it is vital that we as professionals make the case for infrastructure and engineering to decision makers at all levels. We will shortly issue a briefing pack to help active members support this goal. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please contact