ICE is launching two policy papers at Ecobuild 2016

The launch of two papers marks the beginning of two new programmes of thought leadership that the Institution is taking forward.

Technology like autonomous vehicles could transform the kind of infrastructure engineers design and deliver
Technology like autonomous vehicles could transform the kind of infrastructure engineers design and deliver
  • Updated: 07 March, 2016
  • Author: Ben Goodwin, ICE Policy Manager

Each contains a series of challenging questions around the way in which we design, deliver and manage infrastructure systems. We will be seeking to answer these questions throughout 2016 and we want your help.

Come and visit us as at stand E5215 to pick up your copies and don’t miss Bam Nuttall Chief Executive, Steve Fox CBE, giving his view on ICE’s thought leadership work on Wednesday 9 March at 11.45. We will also be filming visitors to our stand and asking them to leave a message on our eight-metre thought leaders’ whiteboard.

Infrastructure transformation

  • How can we create agile infrastructure and ensure users are never locked into obsolete technology?
  • How will we develop the experienced engineers of the future if many of the tasks that are currently part of professional formation are automated?
  • Should we reframe questions of skills shortages? Do we instead need to talk about future needs?
  • How will we reconfigure networks, towns and cities to accommodate autonomous vehicles?

Read the Infrastructure Transformation paper


  • Is it already too late for big cities to create the environments that people want, beyond the physical infrastructure they need?
  • How far ahead should we be planning transport capacity to meet growing demand? Or should we ‘build it and they will come’?
  • What should a smart city look like?
  • What is the role for housing and infrastructure in helping address the UK productivity problem?

Read the Urbanisation paper

As contributors, listeners and agitators we are seeking the input of a wide variety of cross-industry leaders to help us build a picture of what tomorrow’s construction industry will look like today.

Engage with us by attending an ICE-led workshop or hackathon, hosting a roundtable or ideas ‘buildathon’, but most importantly bring some fresh thinking to drive forward innovation in an industry that has been far too conservative, for far too long.