Plan now for Scotland's future

This week saw the launch of ICE Scotland’s ‘scorecard’ report on Scottish infrastructure, calling on Scottish and UK governments to plan for future infrastructure and skills needs.

The Queensferry Crossing, Scotland’s biggest transport infrastructure project currently under construction
The Queensferry Crossing, Scotland’s biggest transport infrastructure project currently under construction
  • Updated: 05 November, 2015
  • Author: Ronnie Hunter, Scotland State of the Nation Steering Group Chair

Infrastructure is everywhere. It underpins our daily lives, providing clean water, transport of all types, and the energy to light and heat our homes and power our businesses.

Call to governments

It is now widely accepted that Scotland needs high quality infrastructure which is resilient and well maintained to provide for continued economic growth and a good quality of life. Transport systems, energy, water, flooding and waste disposal are fundamental infrastructure requirements for civilised living and allow us to thrive in a competitive world. Climate and demographic change requires resilience to be built into our systems.

In our State of the Nation 2015 report we call on the Scottish and UK governments to invest in the resilience of all our infrastructure networks, planning for challenging future scenarios, and to take a long-view of our infrastructure needs and how the costs of these will be met.

Overcoming challenges

It is clear that Infrastructure competes with health, welfare and education for funding priority. What is also clear is that reduced or delayed funding can only result in one outcome: non-performing infrastructure. When we invest our scarce monetary resources in an asset it is essential that we maintain it; an increasingly non-performing infrastructure is a wasting asset. Non-performance impacts on quality of life and hinders economic activity.

There are no easy answers to many of the challenges we highlight, but with bold vision and strong leadership Scotland can achieve its ambitious development, environmental and economic goals, and infrastructure should be at the heart of this.

Read the State of the Nation Scotland Infrastructure 2015 report

Further information

For more information about the State of the Nation reports please contact the Policy team, and for more information about ICE Scotland please contact the ICE Scotland office.