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Press release

Effective SuDS implementation supported by new ICE and Wavin partnership

13 February 2019

Supporting professionals to effectively implement sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) is the focus of a new partnership between the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and Wavin.

Ahead of the forthcoming Sewers for Adoption 8 guidance, anticipated to come into effect in mid-2019, ICE and Wavin are gathering water and sewerage companies, local authorities, designers and developers at a series of design sprints to seek creative solutions for SuDS implementation.

The design sprint outputs will be presented at the Wavin-sponsored ICE Water Refill Station at the Futurebuild conference in March 2019. To help raise awareness of the need for sustainable water practices, the stand will offer a drinking water refill point for all conference attendees. ICE and Wavin will also host a panel discussion on SuDS as part of Futurebuild’s programme.

Nathan Baker, ICE Engineering Knowledge Director, said:

“Civil engineers play a vital role in managing our precious water resources, so ICE is committed to providing the knowledge they need to tackle the challenges they face. By partnering with Wavin on SuDS, we are supporting professionals in a key area of responsible water resource management, which is vital for a sustainable future.”

Martin Lambley, Product Manager - Stormwater, Wavin said:

“We have chosen to partner with the Institution of Civil Engineers because engineers find solutions to the big issues – from Isambard Kingdom Brunel to the young graduates who worked with us on innovative products as part of the ’Future of Drainage’ campaign. They are the problem solvers we need to help develop solutions to the problems that the UK and the world faces around managing stormwater.”

The partnership will also see the two organisations establishing a dedicated SuDS community of practice, providing a forum for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Further activities to support SuDS professionals will include roundtables, webinars and industry research.

Wavin will also be the headline sponsor of ICE’s forthcoming exhibition on water engineering, opening to the public on World Water Day (22 March). Following the popularity of the Institution of Civil Engineers’ previous exhibition Invisible Superheroes, the new exhibition will tell the stories of historical and present-day water engineers from around the world, reimagined as their cartoon superhero alter-egos.

  • Vienn McMasters, communications business partner for ICE