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Press release

ICE respond to NIC Annual Monitoring Report

16 March 2022

Chris Richards, Director of Policy the Institution of Civil Engineers, said:

“The NIC annual monitoring report applauds the government’s long-term vision for infrastructure, with the past year bringing the destination into sharper focus. However, the slow progress on real-world implementation of plans to get us there is concerning. Things are not on track across vital issues such as decarbonising heat and figuring out how to pay for the transition to net-zero.”

“There is now a growing chorus of concern at inaction; today’s report is the latest, but the government doesn’t have to respond formally to the annual monitoring report. We recommend the Treasury Select Committee hold a one-off evidence session so that ministers can respond to the warnings made by the NIC. An open and honest conversation about the practical barriers to policy implementation is needed, so that the benefits behind net-zero and levelling up exist on more than just paper.”

  • Tarryn Barrowman, media relations manager at ICE