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Press release

ICE responds to publication of government's Transport Decarbonisation Plan

14 July 2021

Responding to the publication of the government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan, Chris Richards, ICE Director of Policy, said:

“Transport plays a huge role in the UK’s annual emissions, and is the only infrastructure sector that has not seen a decline in emissions since 2010, so today’s plan is hugely timely.

“A strategic approach to decarbonising our transport system is essential to meeting the net-zero targets. However, it cannot work in isolation. We need a full net-zero strategy, to provide clarity on who is doing what, and why and when.

“While it is right to focus on how to reduce user carbon emissions, it’s also important the benefits for the public are communicated early on. This transition won’t be easy and will require some tough decisions - so keeping people informed will be crucial. And, as the OBR showed last week, early action, focused in the right areas, will mean a lower cost for the public over the long term.”

  • Emma Beer, media relations manager at ICE