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Press release

ICE responds to the launch of the Civil Engineers Declare initiative

25 July 2019

David Balmforth, Chair of the ICE Sustainability Route Map Steering Group, said:

“ICE supports the ‘Civil Engineers Declare’ initiative, recognising that engineers are ideally placed to deliver sustainable development. This includes engineers taking a pivotal role in driving the net-zero carbon emissions target set by the UK Government.

“As a professional body, ICE has been supporting engineers to meet the challenges posed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Based on the wealth of knowledge, innovation and ideas that were shared at the Global Engineering Congress in 2018, we have developed the Sustainability Route Map, with three working groups tackling key areas for action. Over the next three years, the route map will enable the global engineering community to make a measurable impact towards the SDGs.”

  • Vienn McMasters, communications business partner for ICE