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Press release

ICE responds to the return of Northern Ireland Assembly

14 January 2020

Responding to the return of the Northern Ireland Assembly, and the announcement of the new Minister for Infrastructure, Nichola Mallon, Regional Director of Northern Ireland for the Institution of Civil Engineers, Jenny Green, said:

“We are pleased that the agreed deal clearly acknowledges the central role that infrastructure plays in connecting communities and shaping quality of life. While there are many areas of infrastructure that do require immediate action, including wastewater and strategic road projects, it is equally important that the Executive takes the time to create a strategic vision for Northern Ireland’s future.

“With changing economic, social and climate requirements, it is essential that we plan and deliver infrastructure that meets future needs – offering the Minister a real opportunity to take the lead on driving a sustainable infrastructure programme.

“ICE will shortly be publishing a report examining the need for an independent infrastructure advisory body for Northern Ireland. We look forward to engaging with the government on the upcoming recommendations, which will help support the Minister and Executive to make strategic decisions and prioritise the right investment for infrastructure for the future.”

  • Emma Beer, media relations manager at ICE