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Becoming EngTech MICE – your questions answered

18 August 2022

Donna Surgeoner, one of ICE's membership managers, shares important information about this professional qualification. 

Becoming EngTech MICE – your questions answered
Technician Members are incredibly diverse and come from a broad range of roles. Image credit: Crossrail

Our team has supported many candidates to become professionally qualified ICE Technician Members – EngTech MICE.

We get asked many questions, like what is EngTech MICE and what can it do for my career?

Some of these reveal many misconceptions, and some candidates, who are ideally suited to achieving EngTech MICE, simply don’t apply.

I hope the following answers will encourage potential EngTech MICE candidates to put aside any concerns and apply.

What is EngTech MICE?

ICE’s Engineering Technician Membership – EngTech MICE – is a professional qualification that proves your expertise and professionalism. It gives formal recognition of your engineering skills and competence that’s recognised around the world.

Will gaining EngTech MICE benefit me?

Absolutely! Candidates tell us it has helped them to advance their career. It’s widely recognised and is really valuable to you, your employer and future employers.

EngTech MICE after your name shows others you have a high level of skills and experience. You gain credibility, recognition and respect from colleagues, employers and the public.

Who is EngTech MICE for?

Technician Members are incredibly diverse and come from a broad range of roles including (but not limited to) the below:

Word cloud for job roles for EngTech MICE
Word cloud depicting the broad job roles that can become EngTech MICE

How much experience do I need?

If you've been working in a role like those above for about two years, you could have all the abilities needed to apply (the EngTech attributes).

Been working 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 20+ years? You could apply. But it’s not about time served, it’s about your abilities and experience.

My manager thinks I need more experience to apply, are they right?

Look at the attributes for EngTech, and check that your manager has read these too.

If you’ve been working in one of the roles above for two years or more, you might already have the knowledge and ability to apply.

If you're unsure, get in touch with your local membership expert via the Membership Support Centre. You will more than likely find that you are working at the required level.

What academic qualifications do I need to apply? Do I need to go to college?

There are approved academic and vocational qualifications for EngTech MICE, but you don’t actually need to have been to college or have any academic or vocational qualifications to apply.

If you have the knowledge and ability from your work, you can apply.

I have completed an apprenticeship, but I’m not sure that I have enough experience to apply

If you completed any kind of apprenticeship in civil engineering at any time you are likely to be at the right level to apply for and gain EngTech MICE.

For example, if you have completed any of the following you should already have the knowledge and ability to apply:

  • a modern apprenticeship in civil engineering or construction
  • a Level 3 or 4 apprenticeship (with an EPA you can get EngTech MICE)
  • a higher apprenticeship
  • a graduate apprenticeship
  • an S/NVQ3, eg in Built Environment Design, Construction Site Supervision

How do I apply for EngTech MICE? Does it take long?

The application process is simple and straightforward.

Talk to your mentor, or your two sponsors, or to someone in our helpful team. Think about your recent work, explore the guidance and start filling in the application form.

Once your mentor and sponsors have reviewed it, submit by the next professional review deadline, (have some practise reviews with them while you wait for your review date).

With the knowledge, ability and experience to apply, you can complete the application process and pass the Technician Professional Review (TPR) within as little as four months.

Can you help me find sponsors for my application?

Yes! If you are struggling to find the two sponsors you need, we can help. Just get in touch with our team.

One sponsor needs to be either EngTech MICE, IEng MICE, CEng MICE or EngTech FICE, IEng FICE, CEng FICE. There’s a long list of who could be your second sponsor.

Do I need an up-to-date continuing professional development (CPD) record?

Yes, but you only need a minimum of one year’s CPD record (30 hours minimum learning activities) and a current plan to apply.

When you look back, it’s surprising how much CPD you do in a year. Not sure what we mean by a CPD record and plan? Find out more.

What is the Technician Professional Review? Do I have to give a presentation?

The TPR is an interview with two experienced civil engineering professionals.

You are talking about your work, your experience, your projects, what you did and what you know, so don’t worry! With practise and preparation, it’ll be straightforward.

The presentation is optional, but we recommend you do it, as it’s a great way to start the review.

Some candidates are concerned about presenting. Don’t worry, it’s just five minutes long and delivered to two people. Besides you’re talking about something you probably know most about – you.

Are the reviewers senior in the industry? What will they ask me?

Some candidates we speak to worry that they won’t seem good enough for their reviewers.

Some reviewers are senior in the industry, others are not, but that doesn’t matter, it’s not about them. It’s about you and your work, and you know more about your work than they do.

I’m still not sure if EngTech is right for me, or if I’m ready to apply…

Get in touch with your local ICE team – our support centre, membership managers and membership development officers are here to help. It’s always better to ask.

We can advise on whether EngTech MICE is right for you, support you with your application and help you prepare for your TPR.

Contact us on +44 (0)121 227 5944, or complete this form to tell us what you need and request a call back.

When should I apply?

Take a look at the key dates for applications and reviews.

Useful links and resources for your EngTech MICE application

For advice and support, contact +44 (0)121 227 5944, [email protected] or complete this form to request a call back.

  • Donna Surgeoner, membership manager at Institution of Civil Engineers