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6 reasons why you should go to National Digital Twin Day

08 August 2019

It's more than a chance to network with experts in the field.

6 reasons why you should go to National Digital Twin Day
Image credit: Brigitte Werner/Pixabay

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) are co-hosting National Digital Twin Day, offering attendees the chance to engage with the latest developments on digital twin thinking from key industry leaders and influencers.

The world is alive to the potential of digital twins and CDBB is collaborating with ICE to present the National Digital Twin programme. Hosted at ICE headquarters in London on Monday 9 September, National Digital Twin Day brings together key influencers and leaders in digital transformation to bring focus to how digital twins are shaping the future of the built environment.

Highlighting how digital twin thinking can optimise value from data, improve infrastructure performance and deliver better societal outcomes, this significant event, which marks the start of CDBB Week 2019 – a combination of virtual and in-person events showcasing the interdisciplinary activities of the Centre – is not to be missed. Offering actionable insights for delegates at all stages of their digital twin journey, National Digital Twin Day is the chance to hear directly from the leadership of CDBB’s Digital Framework Task Group (DFTG) on the direction of travel.

Presentations will include Mark Enzer, Chair of the DFTG, on the collaborative process of mapping a pathway to better information management, which supports a key recommendation from the National Infrastructure Commission's report Data for the Public Good.

CDBB’s DFTG have recently published the Gemini Principles and the Roadmap to the Information Management Framework for the built environment. These important outputs lay the foundations for the development of a National Digital Twin for infrastructure – an ecosystem of digital twins connected via securely shared data.

Attendees are invited to engage with the work emerging from the Digital Twin Hub (DT Hub), the collaborative learning community for those who own, or who are developing, digital twins within the built environment, and Samuel Chorlton, Lead for the Data and Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure (DAFNI) and Chair of the DT Hub Steering Group, will present the latest opportunities. Delegates will learn who is already using the DT Hub and what challenges and solutions digital twins present.

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) report ‘Data for the public good’ set out a vision for a National Digital Twin to improve the way we plan, build, use and manage our infrastructure. Two years on, the vision is gaining momentum and support. Sarah Hayes, Project Director at the NIC, will present her thoughts on the potential of digital twins and what is needed to accelerate progress.

Other key speakers include: Alexandra Bolton, Executive Director at CDBB; Anne Kemp OBE, Chair of the UK BIM Alliance and Fellow and Technical Director for Digital Engineering and BIM Strategy and Development at Atkins; Sam Stacey of Innovate UK; Peter van Manen from Fraser-Nash Consultancy; and Molly Strauss from the Greater London Authority.

National Digital Twin Day will bring you up to speed on what you need to know and how to join the UK’s vibrant digital twin community. Roundtables, interactive workshops and panel discussions will help delegates progress their knowledge, understanding and engagement with this fast-moving area. Network with digital twin owners and suppliers at CDBB’s digital twin networking ‘town square’ where you can meet professionals from organisations of all sizes, including digital twin start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) organisations.

This is an opportunity to find answers to the most pressing problems by speaking to the right connection and gaining valuable insights from other organisations’ experiences. There will be case studies from across sectors to showcase real-live examples of infrastructure digital twins from the UK's transport, energy and water sectors. The event concludes with an ‘Ask us Anything’ session where delegates can pose questions and challenges to built environment experts who will give answers and recommendations.

Digital twins are already shaping the future. Sharing this exciting and fast-paced vision requires collaboration across the built environment industry to work together to secure an information value chain that delivers better social, economic and environmental outcomes for all.

6 reasons to attend National Digital Twin Day:

  1. Get up to date on the progress of the National Digital Twin Programme – hear about the work of CDBB’s Digital Framework Task Group on the Information Management Framework and the government policy driving this
  2. Understand how you can get involved in the DT Hub – join the collaborative learning community for those who own, or who are developing, digital twins within the built environment
  3. Learn from real-life case studies – understand the opportunities and the challenges within the built environment and other sectors and how to overcome them
  4. Network with Digital Twin owners and suppliers – meet the vibrant DT start-up and SME community in our networking ‘town square’
  5. Engage in roundtables and workshops – get help on your own digital twin journey from first steps to maximising returns
  6. Gain actionable insights – leave the event with valuable learning that will help you and your organisation maximise the benefits of digital twins in your own setting
  • Charles Jensen, knowledge content producer at ICE