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Building the Project 13 network 

11 March 2021

Project 13 continues to build on its early success and momentum by launching the Project 13 Network platform. Dale Evans from the Infrastructure Client Group discusses the next phase of the movement and getting involved.

Building the Project 13 network 
The new Project 13 network platform aims to share best practice on the enterprise approach to delivering infrastructure

Project 13 enters another exciting phase with the launch of the network platform, enabling the community to grow while maintaining the open and engaging exchange that’s at the core of Project 13.

Project 13 has come a long way since its launch in 2018; with an increasing number of owners adopting enterprise models to deliver their programme and projects, and with wider international recognition, including the partnership with the World Economic Forum.

The launch of the Project 13 platform is another significant step - and represents the shift from a start-up initiative to a wider industry movement.

Success so far

Project 13 began with a research phase aimed at understanding best practice and identifying the characteristics of exemplar projects. This open sharing of best practice, across industry owners and partners, continues to be at the heart of Project 13, so the natural phase of this movement is to share this knowledge with a wider global audience.

Presenting the Project 13 Network platform

The Project 13 platform, is the new home for the Project 13 community. The unveiling of this new platform allows interested users the opportunity to access resources, case studies, discussion platforms, and ultimately learn from others and their experiences of the enterprise approach.

The new platform means we can continue to grow the Project 13 community, broadening this sharing process across the participating community. This is how we will build momentum and accelerate change, identifying and sharing best practice across organisations as they make their journey to enterprise delivery.

Why will they find this useful?

Project 13 is being adopted by an increasing number of the leading infrastructure owners as the model to deliver their investment projects. The platform gives others the opportunity to become part of this journey and share the experience and learning with the rest of the Project 13 community.

I would encourage anyone, organisationally or individually, who is considering the shift to more progressive enterprise delivery to become part of the community - and to use their involvement to help inform and shape their journey.

Get involved

  • Interested practitioners can sign up to Project 13. Once registered, users can access a range of resources and connect with professionals in the community
  • Dale Evans, chair of project 13 management board at Project 13