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Infrastructure insights from Ecobuild 2017

25 April 2017
At Ecobuild 2017 ICE’s infrastructure seminar attracted 1,200 delegates who heard from 54 speakers about topics ranging from water, energy and resource planning, to transport and digital engineering.
Infrastructure insights from Ecobuild 2017

ICE has produced a follow-up report that encapsulates the key trends and findings from its Ecobuild 2017 sessions. Highlights include:


The UK needs to invest in decarbonised generation to meet 2050 targets and plug the generation gap. We have a strategic role to play in developing offshore wind, need to invest in low carbon generation and electrify other sectors such as transport.


Integrating intelligent mobility solutions into existing urban transport networks is a major challenge. Autonomous vehicles, together with sensors, cloud technology, traffic data and real-time feedback will allow us to create a flexible, responsive urban environment.

Airports should improve intermodal connections and adopt low carbon approaches throughout operations, maintenance, new build, future design and overall footprint.

Digital engineering

We need to start treating information as a resource. Information adds value to the whole-life cycle of assets and has value in itself. Behavioural change is key to unlocking the potential of digital and industry needs to embrace the change as well as understand the risks.

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  • Claire Miller, Marketing and Communications Manager at Stantec