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Get on top of your CPD with ICE's new Knowledge Hub

17 March 2022

ICE has created a one-stop shop that will help members stay up to date with skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing planet.

Get on top of your CPD with ICE's new Knowledge Hub
The framework presents topics highly recommended for professionally qualified ICE members to undertake as part of their annual CPD.

Our activity as civil engineers is key to creating the world of the future and ensuring the infrastructure we have is safe, resilient, sustainable, and socially beneficial.

Part of how we do this is through our professional qualification and ongoing commitment to competence and professionalism through continuing professional development (CPD).

ICE’s CPD framework is the next step on this journey.

Developed by the ICE Professionalism Panel in consultation with ICE’s knowledge networks, the framework presents topics highly recommended for professionally qualified ICE members to undertake as part of their annual CPD.

Ensuring civil engineers have skills for a changing planet

The initial catalyst for the framework was ICE's 2018 In Plain Sight report, which recommended topics covering risk management and public safety in which civil engineers must demonstrate competency if they are to play their role in improving society.

However, safety is only one of our challenges as civil engineers, so the framework has been broadened to include topics that cover contemporary themes such as digital transformation, decarbonisation, and productivity.

View the full framework for 2022

A one-stop shop for CPD

In order to support our members in fulfilling this new requirement, the engineering knowledge team has been working with key members of our knowledge community to revamp our Knowledge Hub with engaging, lively, informative and easy to access content.

We have given it a bold new look and a radically simplified navigation structure so that it directly supports members in completing the recommended learning.

Recognising that there are different learning types, for each topic you will find content in multiple formats. There are written knowledge packs with infographics and case studies, audio explainers, and audio and video “Tech Talks”.

We are excited to be relaunching the Hub this month!

For launch we have focused on producing a suite of content for each defined CPD topic area, with the intention of launching new content on a fortnightly basis throughout 2022. All content will be live by November, giving you, our members, ample time to fulfil your CPD commitment.

A first peek at our content

Here’s a summary of our first tranche of content:

Geotechnical and ground engineering

Structures and buildings

Water, sewage, and inland water bodies



You can access the specific content above and in the main Knowledge Hub homepage (plus, future content). You will need the username and password you use to access the MYICE section of the website to access the Knowledge Hub.

Something for everyone

The framework, and therefore the content in the Hub, is aimed at professionally qualified members: those holding a CEng, IEng or EngTech qualification.

However, the topics may also be relevant to members from other grades to address as part of their professional development and the Professionalism Panel encourages all members to consider the topics in the framework when planning their CPD for 2022.

So, whatever your grade of membership, and wherever you work in civil engineering, there should be something for you.

So please, take an early tour and engage with the topics. As a team we have been really excited by the challenge of producing this content and we’d love to know what draws you in the most.

We’ll use your feedback to inform how we deliver future topics. So let us know at [email protected].


  • Mark Hansford, director of engineering knowledge at Institution of Civil Engineers