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Podcast - how will we build an additional runway at Heathrow airport?

09 January 2017

As an additional runway at Heathrow airport gets the backing from government, we examine how this huge infrastructure project will be built and what the benefits and challenges will be.

Podcast - how will we build an additional runway at Heathrow airport?
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In late-2016, government announced its support for an additional runway to be built at Heathrow, following years of consultation and investigation into which site would be best suited to meet the UK’s short, medium and long-term aviation needs.

To gain further insight into how this infrastructure expansion project would be delivered, ICE’s Adam Kirkup interviewed Chris Chalk, Mott MacDonald, to discuss:

  • what the major benefits of hub-expansion plans at Heathrow were, both operationally and economically,
  • how the additional runway would be built;
  • what the major design and construction challenges would be; and
  • how the UK could continue to lower its transport emissions, while potentially increasing the volume of both its air and surface transport traffic?

About Chris Chalk

Chris is the Aviation Practice Leader at Mott MacDonald and has over 20 years’ experience in the aviation industry.

As well as being Vice Chairman of the British Aviation Group, Chris is a member of ICE’s Transport Expert Panel, and advises the group on issues associated with aviation.

  • Adam Kirkup, engineering communities manager at ICE