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The promise from this year's Breakwaters conference

31 August 2017
Next week’s ‘Breakwaters’ – Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters conference in Liverpool – has been running for 35 years and is one of the most respected international conferences on maritime and coastal civil engineering.
The promise from this year's Breakwaters conference

As a practising engineer with pioneering companies in ports and coastal engineering I have been to many conferences and training events during my 30 year career. None of them come close to giving me what I take away from this conference series.

It established a reputation in the early days as the place where new technical developments could be presented and heard – but not without rigorous peer review. The committee was determined that information delivered should be cutting edge and have potential to make a difference to the way in which we go about our work.

Latest research, significant lessons

Many formula and approaches in required texts and manuals today were presented at this event well before they became standard practice and that continues to be the case.

It is also the sheer breadth of subject matter covered and depth of detail that provides that incomparable learning experience.

While technically oriented, the emphasis has always been on giving practical direction. We generally only include papers on research that is advanced enough that delegates can immediately use it.

Likewise, papers and presentations accepted from designers, contractors, and operators are those that contain significant lessons and experiences. Attendees are always going to discover new developments and guidance.

All discussions recorded

Delegates are there to constructively challenge what they hear and all Q&A discussions are recorded. This often results in supplementary information being included in the proceedings and provides further value to the original paper. The level of discussion that continues between delegates from different parts of the industry is intense.

Network of knowledgeable contacts

The network of knowledgeable contacts is immensely valuable, engaging with people from around the world and different backgrounds. This conference is one of the best ways of finding out what progress is being made globally, to hear emerging knowledge and technologies that helps us become better at what we do.

Your chance to meet eminent industry people

Naturally I want as many people as possible to come to this conference – not because I am part of organising it – I want you to come, because this will be one of the best learning experiences for engineers and scientists working in the field.

I want you to rub shoulders with some of the most eminent people in our industry from around the globe and keen to share their knowledge and experience with others whether presenting their papers or discussion over a coffee.

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