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ICE calls for expert insights on infrastructure in a changing world

03 November 2022

The institution wants to better understand the needs and challenges of infrastructure at the country level.

ICE calls for expert insights on infrastructure in a changing world
Expert insights are key to understanding policy processes. Image credit: Shutterstock

The ICE is gathering expert knowledge on the challenges and emerging needs associated with understanding infrastructure in a changing world.

All national policymakers are invited to respond to the call by answering six key questions about country-level strategic infrastructure to better understand policymaking processes.

Why focus on challenges and emerging needs?

National policymakers working on infrastructure have always faced challenges associated with developing long-term programmes of bankable infrastructure projects.

Since the onset of Covid-19, however, climate change impacts and shifts in social demographics have presented new challenges and emerging infrastructure needs.

As change manifests differently in countries across the world, it's necessary to not only understand what the challenges and emerging needs are, but also how they manifest at the country level.

Understanding this diversity is critical for developing robust guidance such as the ICE’s Enabling Better Infrastructure (EBI) programme

This guidance aims to strengthen country-level planning and prioritisation processes towards achieving specific national needs and objectives.

Working with a country’s own policy processes, needs and challenges to develop strategic infrastructure processes bolsters its impact and supports the following benefits:

  • Improves affordability of future investments.
  • Enhances public and investor confidence.
  • Achieves social and environmental outcomes.

Learning from the experts

The EBI programme recognises the importance of gathering practical insights for updating the 12 Principles.

Who better to learn about infrastructure policy processes and emerging needs than from the policymakers themselves.

This includes insights from political and non-political experts across government, private sector, academia, and civil society.

As all these stakeholders play an influential role in the planning and development of national infrastructure.

Incorporating their insights ensures guidance is strengthened in ways that address real needs and challenges faced at the country level.

Consultation questions

We are inviting all national policymakers to respond to the following questions, referring specifically to policy considerations:

  1. Since 2019, which emerging challenges, global or other, have significantly impacted country-level strategic infrastructure processes?
  2. How have these challenges impacted strategic infrastructure processes, and what have the implications been?
  3. In your opinion, which needs or considerations must be factored into activities to strengthen country-level strategic infrastructure processes?
  4. How can these needs and considerations be included in the EBI 12 Principles?
  5. To date, which tools or frameworks have been used to strengthen national infrastructure planning and prioritisation to respond to these needs?
  6. In your opinion, how can these tools or frameworks be adapted to ensure their continued relevance toward overcoming the challenges and needs you identified?

Findings will feed into a green paper programme to update the EBI 12 Principles.

This consultation runs until 16 December 2022. Responses can be sent to [email protected].

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Last updated: 3 November 2022

Author: Dr Kerry Bobbins

  • Dr Kerry Bobbins, head of Enabling Better Infrastructure programme at ICE