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10-point plan outlines infrastructure priorities for re-elected London mayor

20 May 2021

ICE London publishes a new report identifying key priority areas for providing London's infrastructure.

10-point plan outlines infrastructure priorities for re-elected London mayor

An ICE report setting out important recommendations for transforming London’s infrastructure has been published, following the recent mayoral elections.

Over 20 ICE members and stakeholders attended the private launch of the ICE Infrastructure for London Report today (Thursday 20 May), which sets out its 10 key recommendations for the UK capital’s infrastructure.

The report calls for a strong focus on resilience as the city starts to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. The disruption brought about by Covid has provided the occasion to reassess what matters to Londoners and the role infrastructure can play in enhancing liveability, as well as addressing challenges such as housing and employment opportunities.

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Launched by ICE London with attendees including ICE President Rachel Skinner and head of infrastructure at the Greater London Authority Molly Strauss, it identifies key areas to prioritise that could have a significant impact on the way infrastructure is provided.

Jonathan Baggs, ICE London director, said: “The Infrastructure for London Report clearly sets out 10 ways in which London could be transformed through infrastructure. This is the starting point for collaboration across the sector with policy makers and local government to ensure London can continue to thrive as a global city.”

The report builds on the views of ICE members and stakeholders who contribute to the infrastructure workshops on resilience, decarbonisation, transport and housing, governance and investment, and skills.

The report also builds on previous ICE London publications such as Engineering Cleaner Air (2017).

Download the Infrastructure for London report

  • Jemma Ralphs, regional marketing and communications manger at ICE