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2021 ICE QUEST scholars revealed

22 November 2021

Find out about the new university students who’ve been recognised for their excellence. 

2021 ICE QUEST scholars revealed
ICE QUEST scholarships support the professional development of future and current civil engineers. Image credit: Isabella Ponton, Northumbria University.

Seventy-two civil engineering students have been awarded ICE QUEST Undergraduate Scholarships this year.

The scholarships offer young people beginning their university career the chance to link up with a sponsoring employer to gain valuable work experience throughout their studies, plus up to £8,000 of financial support.

The successful candidates were invited from the hundreds of applications received to interview with potential sponsors to prove their dedication to and understanding of the value of civil engineering, knowledge of future and current challenges, leadership qualities, and more.

The civil engineering students who've been awarded scholarships are:

  • Abigail Wimbush
  • Adam O'Brien
  • Ailsa Mackay
  • Alastair Naysmith
  • Albert Nguyen
  • Amar Ranauta
  • Anna Rickinson
  • Anwen Dyban-Sully
  • Archie Heaney
  • Benjamin James
  • Charlie Newbold
  • Daniel Shergold
  • Dilyar Youssef
  • Divya Shaji
  • Duncan Bouchard
  • Edward Cosson
  • Elena Smart
  • Elizabeth Sharpe
  • Ella Lee
  • Emmanuel Oke
  • Enda McCaffrey
  • Esha Visram
  • Eve Sheils
  • Eve Hounsell
  • Ffion Humphreys
  • Frank Duffy
  • Gabriella Kavuma
  • George Farrington
  • Grace Sambrook
  • Habeebah Ahmed
  • Hasan-ur-rehman Ghazanfar
  • Isabella Spicer
  • Jana-Jae Wilson
  • Jemimah Tomsett
  • Joseph Hughes
  • Kalina Traykova
  • Katherine Harvey
  • Katie Murphy
  • Katie Tomlinson
  • Kioni Sanghrajka
  • Liam Wilson
  • Lily Brown
  • Luca Varela
  • Lucas Baldock-Grimes
  • Luke Hand
  • Luke Minett
  • Manon Henderson
  • Mathushan Manokaran
  • Matthew Peacock
  • Max Bhatia
  • Megan Johnstone
  • Mikaella Liveri
  • Miles Balderson
  • Najma Abdulkadir
  • Natalie Feakins
  • Nicholas Draisey
  • Oliver Bennett
  • Oluwademilade Bako
  • Patrick Ferris
  • Patrick Hateley
  • Robin Wallond
  • Rosie Fordham
  • Ryan Sparks
  • Sakina Rezaei
  • Samah Mughal
  • Samuel Fenton
  • Seyedeh Hora Behnejad
  • Shuyi Yang
  • Tessa Hobdell
  • Valentina Gonzalez
  • Valerie Oseha
  • William Turner


QUEST offers a range of scholarships and awards for all levels of ICE member and covering a range of activities relating to professional development through travel or study.

To find out more about all the QUEST scholarships and awards, please contact ICE Quest Awards.

Support QUEST

QUEST is a registered charity that's supported by individual ICE members and industry.

ICE members are asked to consider making a donation when they pay their annual subscription fees to help support the future of the industry.

  • Kathryn Denham-Maccioni, digital engagement manager at ICE