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Access the March edition of New Civil Engineer instantly by downloading the app 

03 March 2021

The latest edition of your feature-packed NCE is now available to access via the brand new NCE App.

Access the March edition of New Civil Engineer instantly by downloading the app 

March’s issue of New Civil Engineer is packed with technical features, with a look at the challenge of driving the UK’s first curved box jack below the East Coast Main Line at Werrington near Peterborough, plus a review of the infrastructure challenges related with creating a new road/rail hub near Daventry.

The Future of Rail overview considers the challenges ahead for the sector in dealing with extreme weather events that are predicted to become more frequent as a result of climate change, while managing the risk from ageing asset.

Interviews in this issue look at the need to consider new infrastructure in the context of where it is delivered to ensure that it adds both social value and creates a sense of place for the communities living and working near new developments, as well as benefitting users and offering taxpayer value.

While improving the outcome of infrastructure delivery while also mitigating the impact of climate change are clearly major issues to be tackled, in her comment piece, NCE editor Claire Smith looks at another area where change in the civil engineering sector is needed – delivering on diversity and inclusion. The March issue of New Civil Engineer formed part of the magazine’s work on the BBC’s 50:50 project to raise the profile of female voices in the media.

In the article, Smith explains why New Civil Engineer joined forces with the BBC project and what the challenges are for civil engineering to achieve gender balance, as well as address diversity and inclusion in a fair manner.

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  • Simon Barney, head of communications at ICE