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Australian procurement staff to get greater NEC support

21 October 2019

The NEC has launched a new programme for those interested in collaborative contracting in the country.

Australian procurement staff to get greater NEC support

NEC has launched the NEC4 Foundation Certificate Programme in Australia.

The programme follows the growing interest in collaborative contracting in Australia, such as Sydney Water selecting the NEC4 suite of contracts to support the rollout of its new procurement strategy, Partnering for Success (P4S), and Main Roads Western Australia successfully trialling NEC for a 16km stretch of the Great Northern Highway.

The aim of the programme is to enable the adoption of the NEC contract suite in Australia and support the clients, contractors and project managers to become proficient in the NEC methodology.

The programme is centred on the NEC4: Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC), which is designed to stimulate good management of works projects and put collaborative sharing of risk and reward at the heart of modern procurement.

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The two-day training course is structured to educate delegates with minimal NEC knowledge to aworking standard with the core contract processes and knowledge.

The course will enable delegates to understand the philosophy of NEC, identify different contract strategies using the ECC and define the roles stated within the ECC and their responsibilities.

As a delegate, you'll also learn how to recognise the requirements that need to be addressed in the contract data, scope and site information, applying critical ECC clauses and processes such as early warnings, the programme, payments and compensation events.

The course is designed for those preparing or working with the ECC, including procurement managers, project managers, contract managers, supervisors, quantity surveyors, consultants, contractors and their supply chain.

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  • Tony Ding, NEC Contracts Specialist.