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Ben Fund launches new online wellbeing resources

24 February 2020

The Ben Fund has announced a new online resource to help current and former ICE members with wellbeing and personal development.

Ben Fund launches new online wellbeing resources

The Ben Fund is delighted to offer a new online wellbeing resource library to help ICE members, former members and their families with their wellbeing and personal development.

The online resource library is one of the most popular services accessed at the Ben Fund with over 12,000 visitors browsing almost 40,000 pages since its inception.

“In our experience, members often want to find answers to challenges themselves, using online research tools.” said Kris Barnett, CEO of ICE Benevolent Fund. “It is such a popular service that we wanted to further improve the user experience and ensure the content is as up to date as possible.”

The library now has 9 category choices which are: Mental Health, Work, Law, Money, Family, Older people, Wellness, Addiction, Managers.

Wellbeing support
Wellbeing and health support online

An excellent new feature of the online wellbeing resource library is the ability to book a call back from a counsellor or advisor online to get access to telephone or face to face counselling if you need it.

For detailed support, guidance and advice on any wellbeing issue, ICE members should contact the ICE Benevolent Fund which specialises in this area.

  • Samantha Payne, Marketing Manager