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BSI's The Standards Experience opens at ICE

26 July 2021

A free, interactive exhibition showing the public how standards are made and how they can participate in shaping them for the future.

BSI's The Standards Experience opens at ICE

A free, interactive exhibition showing how best practice standards have helped to improve all aspects of life, including engineering, has opened at ICE’s London headquarters.

Hosted in the institution's Library at One Great George Street in Westminster, The Standards Experience shows the public how standards are made and how they can participate in shaping them for the future.

The exhibition is sponsored by BSI (the British Standards Institution), the UK’s national standards body.

Standards - a consensus tool

BSI became the world’s first national standards body when it was founded by the ICE 120 years ago. Ever since, the organisation has enabled the creation of standards and encouraged their use to improve the quality and safety of products, services and systems.

According to BSI, the new exhibition “celebrates the power of collaborative efforts across all sectors, illustrating that standards are a consensus tool to help shape the future of work, study, trade, society and the planet”.

The experience focuses on how consensus standards are affecting seven topics:

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Future Working Environments
  • Manufacturing, Engineering and the Built Environment
  • Innovation & Digital
  • Sustainability
  • Consumer
  • Environment

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to interact with the exhibition through a dedicated app.

ICE, the historic home of standards

In 1901, two ICE presidents, Sir John Wolfe-Barry (1896-98) and Sir Douglas Fox (1899-1900) called the first meeting of the Committee on Standard Sections, which became the Engineering Standards Committee (ESC) later that year.

The ESC became the British Engineering Standards Association (BESA) in 1918, and then the British Standards Institution in 1931.

One Great George Street was also the birthplace of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO was created at a UN conference at ICE in October 1946, organised by British engineer Charles Le Maistre, general secretary of the UN Standards Coordinating Committee who had been involved in the early work of ESC and BESA in the UK.

“We couldn’t be more delighted that this historic venue will once again host an important conversation about the role of consensus standards in meeting global challenges, the Standards Experience,” said Scott Steedman, director-general of standards at BSI Group.

BSI publishes over 2,700 standards annually following a consensus-based collaborative approach, engaging with industry and academic experts, government bodies, trade associations, consumers and other representatives to develop best practice standards for use by industry and government.

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  • Address: 1 Great George Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3AA
  • Opening hours: Monday –Friday, 10:00 – 16:00
  • Anh Nguyen, digital content lead at ICE