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Can you help protect frontline medical staff?

07 April 2020

ICE is calling on its members to engage with employers, local schools and technical colleges to support the 3D printing of facial masks to supply to frontline medical staff.

Can you help protect frontline medical staff?

ICE is engaging through its UK regional network with its twenty-five ICE Academic Partnership universities and several hundred local schools to help support the production of face masks for frontline medical staff.

3D Crowd UK's ‘Big Print’ initiative has already seen 80,000 of the requested 345,000 face masks produced, but there remains much left to do.

As Coronavirus continues to impact on a global scale, the impact on healthcare structures is in danger of overload as cases of COVID-19 continue to grow. So ICE is looking to its membership for support. Are you able to engage with your employers, local schools or technical colleges to add to 3D Crowd 's essential work? The peak of Covid-19 infections is just weeks away. Can you use your connections and networks, to help those who in due course will protect us all.

Volunteer group 3D Crowd UK is making thousands of plastic face shields which are being distributed to hospitals, GP practices and social care organisations helping protect frontline staff who are treating Covid-19 patients.

Over 5,500 volunteer 3D printer owners across the UK have joined forces in just two weeks to start printing face shields themselves. 3D printing offers and expedient solution to meeting this shortage of life-saving basic equipment - masks and visors, currently in short supply, are essential in healthcare delivery.

While UK schools continue to offer limited provision for the children of key workers, their D&T departments, often equipped with 3D printing capability stand idle; the situation is similar on many of UK's university campuses.

If you feel you can help sign up as a volunteer or donate on the 3D Crowd website

Get in touch with us to tell us of your efforts and we’ll publish your story on our website.

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"What a successful #TheBigPrint Campaign! Thank you to all our volunteers - from the Admin and Regional Coordinators Team! 16,704 prints have been made as of this tweet! Here we are at midnight sending our ❤️ heartfelt appreciation! #covid19UK #coronavirusuk #3dprinting

3DCrowd (@3dcrowduk) April 5, 2020