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ICE Civil Engineering journal calls for papers on nature-based solutions

23 January 2024

The editorial panel of the ICE’s flagship journal is looking to highlight projects and research that are nature-positive.

ICE Civil Engineering journal calls for papers on nature-based solutions
Nature-based solutions benefit people and the planet. Image credit: Shutterstock

The ICE’s flagship journal, Civil Engineering, has issued a call for papers on nature-based solutions that enable people and the planet to thrive.

According to Emerald Publishing, examples of topics that the articles could cover include:

  • innovative technologies or materials which work with or for nature
  • integrating nature-based solutions with traditional built infrastructure
  • nature-based solutions that draw upon historic or indigenous knowledge
  • projects which showcase restorative and regenerative interrelationships between infrastructure and nature
  • co-design with communities to create green inclusive spaces
  • updating engineering standard to reflect characteristics of nature-based solutions
  • policy frameworks that place conservation and enhancement of nature and ecosystem services at the core of infrastructure service provision
  • systems thinking applied to nature-based solution planning
  • nature-inspired projects beyond those simply seeking to limit environmental impact
  • re-operation of existing engineered systems to enhance their contribution to ecosystem health and natural capital

The editorial panel of the journal has worked with ICE President Professor Anusha Shah on the call for papers.

At her presidential inauguration, Professor Shah said: “Building assets which do less harm to our natural world is not good enough anymore. To put it simply, we don’t have an option but to be nature-positive.”

How to submit

Those interested in submitting a paper should prepare a proposal including the article title, its authors and 200 words on the scope of the paper.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is 26 February 2024.

Article submissions will be subject to peer review, where papers are anonymously commented on by other civil engineering professionals. Peer reviews help maintain the high technical quality of the papers.

Please note, not all papers submitted will be accepted.

ICE membership isn’t necessary to write for the journal.

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  • Benjamin Ramster, journals manager at Emerald Publishing