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Civil Engineering journal provides snapshot into Africa’s changing infrastructure

10 October 2022

This special issue of the ICE’s flagship member journal features the work being done to harness the continent’s natural resources.

Civil Engineering journal provides snapshot into Africa’s changing infrastructure
The papers discuss projects and initiatives currently underway in Africa. Image credit: Finlo Paish and Anthony Moroney

ICE Publishing has released its next special issue of the Civil Engineering journal, available to read now.

This special issue is focused on Africa, providing a snapshot of the many thousands of projects and initiatives that are underway to improve the continent’s infrastructure.

Civil Engineering is the ICE’s flagship member journal. Special issues are published twice a year and are devoted to a single engineering topic, project or geographic region.

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Zooming in on Africa

ICE Fellow Joyce Brady, technical director at Laing O’Rourke (UK) and champion of the special issue, highlighted Africa’s significant population growth, rapid infrastructure development and wide range of climates.

Brady said: “Having grown up in Africa in the 1970s and 1980s, I have witnessed its great natural wonders but also the poverty and poor healthcare that millions of Africans still endure today.”

“The papers in this issue provide a snapshot of the many thousands of projects and initiatives that are currently underway to improve the continent’s infrastructure.”

Brady noted that the papers in this issue point out what more can be done to harness Africa’s natural resources.

And, in line with ICE’s policy, each paper states which of the UN Sustainable Development Goals the reported work will help achieve.

What’s in this special issue?

The first paper in the issue, Flower et al., explains how UK charity, Engineers for Overseas Development (EFOD), is helping to improve healthcare in Uganda in collaboration with local contractors.

Adolph Karubanga and Rodgers Mugume report on the challenging design and construction of the largely subterranean 600 MW Karuma hydropower project in Uganda.

James Bristow et al. describe the design of sustainable water and energy infrastructure for a new education institute in Rwanda.

Jefferson Choti and George Xydis assess the potential for future offshore wind energy along Africa’s eastern coastline.

Jenny Wells et al. then highlight the significant lack of spatial data for infrastructure development in Africa.

Michael Aldous describes the engineering considerations and challenges involved in creating the world-class Côte D’Or Sporting Complex in Mauritius.

Finlo Paish and Anthony Moroney report on the complex marine works involved in the US$1 billion expansion of Tema container port in Ghana.

In the final paper, Krijn Peters and Jim Clarke report on projects to upgrade existing footpaths in remote areas in Liberia to motorcycle taxi tracks.

Meeting Africa’s needs for a better built environment

Brady thanked the authors for sharing these “fascinating” case studies in the issue.

She said: “Their papers demonstrate that talented civil engineers from all over the world are helping to meet Africa’s needs for a better built environment.”

“I hope this will inspire other civil engineers to get involved, as the combination of international expertise with local knowledge is vital to help this huge and exciting continent achieve its full potential.”

Did you know?

ICE members can purchase access to Civil Engineering journal special issues at a promotional price which includes exclusive online video content.

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  • Caitlin Flint, publishing marketing manager at ICE Publishing