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Civil engineers get creative for Pitch 200 video vote

01 September 2020

Pitch 200 goes digital with the public urged to vote for the video they think does the best job of explaining civil engineering in an accessible and entertaining way.

Civil engineers get creative for Pitch 200 video vote

ICE’s Pitch 200 competition usually sees ICE members present a civil engineering idea or principle in an imaginative and accessible way to a live public audience in just 200 seconds.

However, with physical events cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the competition has been re-invented for 2020 as an online video vote with the public choosing the overall winner.

Eight finalists from the UK nations and regions have entered videos, which cover a wide range of topics including an overview of waste and the circular economy explained with a hand-drawn animation; the construction challenges at Hinkley Point C using marshmallows and chocolate; the basics of soil grades and ground fill using onions and rice; and the sustainable benefits of Geogrid as a positive plastic solution for infrastructure projects.

Wendy Blundell, ICE Director UK regions said:

“We’re really excited that the public get to choose this year’s Pitch 200 winner. I’d encourage people to watch the short videos on our website and cast their vote. I hope people learn something new about civil engineering, and for young people, it’s a chance to meet some civil engineers who are truly passionate about the profession.

"I’d also like to congratulate all our finalists this year. It’s no mean feat to communicate an engineering concept in just 200 seconds and I’ve been amazed at the imaginative methods that competitors have used to get their point across, especially where the lockdown meant they could only use what they had available at home. I’d like to thank them all for helping to inspire the next generation and the general public about civil engineering.”

The 2020 finalists are:

  • East & West Midlands
    Jasmine Brittan, civil engineering student, University of Warwick
    Pitch topic: The future of transport
  • London & the South East
    Rui Jian Tee, Graduate Tunnel Engineer, Atkins Global
    Pitch topic: Geogrid
  • North West
    Maria Eftimova, Civil Structural Engineer, Costain
    Pitch topic: Civil Engineering Role in Water Conservation
  • Northern Ireland
    Ruth Kelly, Geotechnical Engineer, Amey Consulting
    Pitch topic: The ICEing on the cake
  • Scotland
    Nicolas Fauvergue, Graduate Highways Engineer, WSP
    Pitch topic: Road Pavement: Baking the way!
  • South West
    Kathleen Hartono, Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, Buro Happold
    Pitch topic: The importance of using well-graded material as a ground f
  • Wales
    Ellen Thomas, civil engineering graduate, Cardiff University
    Pitch topic: Waste and the Circular Economy
  • Yorkshire & Humber
    Sarah Chen, Subject Matter Expert, EDF
    Pitch topic: Pouring the concrete platform at Hinkley Point C

Pitch 200 was first launched in 2018 to mark the 200th anniversary of the Institution, the oldest professional engineering association in the world. The aim is to promote

civil engineering as an exciting industry that transforms lives and positively impacts local communities, while showcasing the creativity and communication skills of civil engineers.

Voting closes at midnight on Wednesday 30 September 2020 and the winner will be announced on Thursday 1 October 2020.

  • Lidia Pearce, regional marketing and communications executive at ICE