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Considering the role of civil engineers in the climate change challenge

16 April 2021

In the Civil Engineering  journal’s special issue, the role of civil engineers is considered within the ongoing climate change challenge.

Considering the role of civil engineers in the climate change challenge

“All civil engineers need to get involved… and rise to the challenge of climate change.”

That’s the message from the editor of the latest issue of the ICE’s Civil Engineering journal. The special issue, focuses on the challenges created by climate change, and the role of engineers to meet them.

Recognising the important role civil engineers play in influencing the built environment and infrastructure, the issue's papers offer insight into different ways in which civil engineers can begin to address the impacts climate change is having on what they plan, design, and deliver.

Issue guest editor, Paula McMahon, structural engineer at Sir Robert McAlpine, says in her introduction: “All civil engineers need to get involved in society’s drive towards achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. I hope this collection of wide-ranging papers will provide inspiration and insight for you to rise to the challenge of climate change.”

From impacts and risks, to strategic action – what’s in the issue?

The collection of eight papers in the May 2021 special issue highlight how important civil engineers are to the climate change challenge.

They cover topics ranging from the challenges of assessing whole-life climate impacts and risks, to how civil engineers can develop action strategies and adapt projects to deliver better social outcomes.

Paula said: “Each of you can make your own work more sustainable by understanding and measuring its impact on climate and society. Civil engineering can form part of the solution and every civil engineer can make a difference.

“Let us all work towards creating an industry that truly serves society, both now and in the future.”

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  • Abiola Lawal, assistant journals manager at ICE