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Could you be an ICE Professional Reviewer?

07 January 2021

A rewarding opportunity for experienced members looking for ways to give back.

Could you be an ICE Professional Reviewer?
Are you experienced and open-minded to your approach to assessment, while firm in applying the standards required?

ICE is looking for more experienced members to take on the role of ICE Reviewer to assess candidates working towards their professional qualifications.

The institution continues to mentor an increasing number of candidates towards all three of its professionally qualified grades: Technician, Incorporated and Chartered engineer. Its ability to assess these groups relies on the commitment of dedicated members to conduct reviews of these candidates.

In this vital role, members can develop critical thinking skills, enhance their knowledge across the industry, and gain satisfaction in helping civil engineers progress their careers.

Watch Oriana da Inez Correia talk about her experience and the benefits of being an ICE reviewer.

ICE needs reviewers who are experienced and open-minded in their approach to assessment, while firm in applying the standards required.

Find out if you're eligible to join the incredible team in ICE's volunteer hub.

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Full training will be given. If you have any questions, please email Professional Reviews.

Here’s what some ICE reviewers have said about their role:

Albert Yeu, senior resident engineer at AECOM, said: "I love contributing to the professional growth of the next generation of engineers."

Yvonne Ainsworth, director at Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions, said: "I’ve had to think on my feet when reviewing candidates outside my area of expertise, which in turn enhances my ‘true’ engineering knowledge."

  • Rachael Saunders, membership marketing assistant at ICE