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Council update April 2020

28 April 2020

ICE Council continues to operate ‘virtually’ – read about the key decisions and activities that took place this month.

Council update April 2020

The second session of the Council was due to be held on Tuesday 21 April 2020, but despite not being able to meet physically, Council took a number of key decisions and hosted the first of two premium lectures this month.

The ICE Strategy Sessions are a programme of free online lectures and events that bring together experts and industry leaders to discuss those thought leadership challenges.

The first lecture, ‘Reassuring the public that infrastructure is safe’ looked at how civil engineers and infrastructure professionals can best reassure the public that buildings and structures remain safe throughout their lifecycle.

You can watch the session in full below.

The second lecture ‘How can infrastructure help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals?’ will look at the 12 guiding principles of the Enabling Better Infrastructure Report, produced by ICE earlier this year, and explore the role of that civil engineers can play in achieving sustainable development.

Future strategy

The Council offered its advice to the ICE Trustees on future strategy. Both Council and Trustees agree that the Institution must have the interests of the membership and the wider public at its very heart, and it should be concentrating on the major issues facing the world today – including the climate emergency, decarbonisation, and digitalisation. The Strategy will be used to drive ICE thinking over the next three years.

Trustee elections

Every year the Council approves the appointment of the Trustees on the advice of the Nomination Committee. Council approved the Trustee Board for 2020-21 which was announced recently this week.

Council elections

ICE members are entitled to have their say by voting in ICE’s 2020 Council elections which open in June, later this year, in order to fill the 11 vacancies on Council that will be arising this year.

Council have now reviewed and approved the list of candidates, which are available to view on the ICE website.

Other business

Council noted a number of proposed changes to the Institution’s by-laws in line with the recommendations of the Presidential Commission. Members will vote on these changes in a ballot this summer.

They also noted, in line with the Presidential Commission recommendations, amendments to the Disciplinary Regulations and to the principal committees’ Terms of Reference. More information on how ICE is implementing the Findings of the Presidential Commission is available on the Governance updates webpage.

Council also noted the Annual Report and Accounts for 2019, which is now available on the ICE website.

  • Jack Buckee, information manager at ICE