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ICE asks members to support RedR's disaster relief work in Morocco and Libya

19 September 2023

The charity trains engineers to provide technical expertise in affected regions.

ICE asks members to support RedR's disaster relief work in Morocco and Libya
Charity RedR will apply learnings from Pakistan flooding to Libya. Image credit: Shutterstock

ICE members are being encouraged to support an engineering-related charity working in the disaster-hit regions of Morocco and Libya.

RedR UK ensures that people responding to disasters have the skills to do so safely and effectively.

Central Morocco was hit by an earthquake on 8 September 2023, while Libya suffered from severe flooding following a hurricane-level storm which caused two dams to collapse on 10 September 2023. 

The disasters have resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. 

How does RedR help?

The disaster relief charity played a crucil role in responding to the February 2023 earthquakes in Turkiye and Syria.

It's so far trained more than 500 engineers on technical and non-technical humanitarian topics.

Its work focuses on supporting structural engineers and construction specialists to assess damage to infrastructure, repair damaged buildings, and retrofit to build future resilience against earthquakes. 

RedR is also equipped to support in Libya thanks to its work on the 2022 floods in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, it provided capacity development and support to local responders. 

"This emergency response will provide technical expertise to local partners, enabling them to respond effectively, inclusively, and sustainably to this devastating flood," RedR said on its JustGiving page

How you can help

If members are able to, the ICE is asking them to consider donating to RedR's Morocco and Libya Disaster Relief Fund.

Morocco and Libya Disaster Relief Fund

  • Anh Nguyen, digital content lead at ICE