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Engineers' role in creating a sustainable future is the focus of a new e-book

22 March 2020

To celebrate World Water Day, the role of the industry in achieving sustainable water management globally, is explored in a new e-book.

Engineers' role in creating a sustainable future is the focus of a new e-book

How can the engineering industry rise to meet the many challenges water presents in creating a sustainable future?

This is the question explored in a new book, Urgent Action Water, published to recognise UN World Water Day 2020 on 22 March.

Produced in conjunction with publisher St James House, Urgent Action Water is a beautifully designed and expertly written electronic book, which profiles influential projects that illustrate the impact civil engineering can have in ensuring clean water and sanitation for all.

Featuring photography and ICE archival images throughout, the book explores a range of initiatives and research and innovation and brings together stories of engineering successes and best practice.

Mark Hansford, ICE Director of Engineering Knowledge, said:

“We all have a role to play in delivering the sustainable development goals. Ensuring communities have access to clean water and sanitation must remain a priority, and we know engineers can help. This publication highlights some of the ways we have, and can continue, to do this.”

“Civil engineers and the work they do have a fantastic impact on the world and lives of those around them. They shape the world, and we are proud to continue to tell the world about what they do.”

The e-book offers an insight into the people and ideas behind the organisations at the forefront of the industry, shedding light on their current activities, success stories and future goals.

Initiatives included in the book include SEALY’s work in Doha, where the project introduced a gravity-based sewerage system designed to self-cleanse, reducing the need for water, pumps and maintenance for its 100-year life; Swan’s MANTIS water pump work in rural Africa, a tool for remote monitoring helps efficiently maintain water hand pumps; and a radical project by Mahoney in Sheffield, which transformed the city’s roads into a network of sustainable drainage and rain gardens.

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  • Emma Beer, media relations manager at ICE