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Enjoy engineering - why it's important now more than ever

07 April 2021

Chris Caves, ICE Northern Ireland chair, calls for members to take an active role in celebrating civil engineering's contribution to society.

Enjoy engineering - why it's important now more than ever

ICE Northern Ireland’s new chair Chris Caves has called for civil engineers to come together to celebrate their profession and contribution to society, by simply “enjoying engineering”.

Caves, director of Infrastructure (Northern Ireland) at Arup, is the region’s chair for 2021/22. In his first chair’s address to members, he talked about enjoying engineering through the lens of people, opportunity for change, and restating values.

“The profession finds itself at a time, as it has before, when there is opportunity for significant change in terms of the projects that we deliver and the impact that has on our planet,” said Caves.

“This in no way devalues the fantastic projects that have been delivered by engineers across the globe up to this point, but it does reset how we look at these, how we may choose to reuse these projects, repurpose them, extend their life and also how we consider the impact of new projects or how we assess alternatives.”

As the new NI chair, Caves wants to encourage members to celebrate successes, share knowledge, balance diversity, and to explain why civil engineers enjoy what they do, every day.

Caves’ address is available to watch here.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved with ICE, visit the ICE volunteer hub, where you can discover a range of ways to spread civil engineering joy.

  • Neeta Cubitt, communications lead at ICE Northern Ireland