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Further opportunity to understand Chartered Infrastructure Engineer proposal offered by trustees

25 May 2021

Following member feedback, the Institution will hold a separate ballot at the beginning of 2022. 

Further opportunity to understand Chartered Infrastructure Engineer proposal offered by trustees

ICE’s Trustee Board has announced that it will reschedule the ballot on the Institution’s proposal to introduce the new protected title, ‘Chartered Infrastructure Engineer’.

The proposal was due to be put to a member vote this summer. However, following discussions with members, the trustees have listened to member feedback asking for more opportunities to understand the proposal before voting.

The Institution will therefore hold a separate ballot at the beginning of 2022, at which members will be invited to vote on the single issue of the introduction of the protected title.

Proposals on changes to voting rights for Graduates and Engineering Technicians, the deletion of obsolete member grades, and some changes to rules around professional conduct will remain in the ballot opening next month. Council and trustees recommend that members approve these.

ICE President, Rachel Skinner, said: “The issue of broadening our membership has been discussed for many years. ICE Council recommended in 2019 that the Institution considers introducing a professional engineering qualification for suitably qualified individuals who work in infrastructure but who cannot – or do not wish – to become chartered civil engineers.

“I am hearing support for the proposal, and a recognition that while civil engineers play a vital part in delivering infrastructure across the world, so do many others who do not yet have a natural professional home. Recent experience highlights the crucial importance of ensuring those who work in infrastructure have professional qualifications and skillsets that are relevant to our modern, fast-changing world. Society and employers look to the Institution to promote and maintain public confidence in our collective ability to keep the public safe, whilst innovating to tackle today’s big issues.

“This is an important issue, and I would like to make sure that everyone understands the proposals. As trustees, we are taking the time to ensure that, when members come to vote, they have all the facts to make a fully informed decision.”

  • Simon Barney, head of communications at ICE