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Graduate engineer wins Pitch 200 with positive plastics video

02 October 2020

More than 3,000 people voted in this year’s Pitch 200 national final to decide the outcome of the competition and the winner has been named as graduate tunnel engineer Rui Jian Tee. Watch his winning video!

Graduate engineer wins Pitch 200 with positive plastics video

A graduate tunnel engineer representing London and South East England has won the 2020 national final of ICE’s Pitch 200 - the unique competition where civil engineers use their creativity and communication skills to engage the public in civil engineering.

Rui Jian Tee, who works for Atkins, based in Epsom, attracted the most public votes for his video explaining the innovative uses of geogrid, a geosynthetic product used to reinforce soils and similar materials. In just 200 seconds, his pitch explores the positive aspects of using plastic solutions like geogrids to bring major benefits to infrastructure projects through enhancing longevity and safety.

Pitch 200 usually sees ICE members present a civil engineering idea or principle in an imaginative and accessible way to a live public audience in just 200 seconds. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s national final was moved online with the public invited to vote for their favourite pitch video.

Eight civil engineers took part in the national final after being selected in regional heats.

Jasmine Brittan, a civil engineering student at the University of Warwick, representing the East and West Midlands, came second with a pitch video making the case for Hyperloop as a low energy solution to future transportation needs. Using a hairdryer, ping pong ball and toilet roll, she explains the principle of this new technology in her video presentation.

Third place went to Maria Eftimova, a civil structural engineer with Costain, representing North West England. Her pitch video focuses on the wastewater treatment process and includes a river water filtration demonstration with Maria drinking the clean end product.

Wendy Blundell, Director ICE Regions said:

“Congratulations to the all the winners and finalists of Pitch 200 for rising to the challenge this year in extraordinary circumstances. I think all the videos show just what creative communicators civil engineers can be when talking about the subjects they are most passionate about. I’m also delighted at the public response to the online version of the competition and hope viewers found the videos both entertaining and informative. Who knew you could learn so much about civil engineering in just 200 seconds!”

As Pitch 200 champion 2020, Rui Jian wins a £400 voucher with Jasmine winning a £200 voucher for second place and Maria getting a £150 voucher for third place.

Pitch 200 was first launched in 2018 to mark the 200th anniversary of the Institution, the oldest professional engineering association in the world. The aim is to promote civil engineering as an exciting industry that transforms lives and positively impacts local communities, while showcasing the creativity and communication skills of civil engineers.

  • Lidia Pearce, communications lead at ICE South West