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ICE and Wavin design sprint produces 4 potential SuDs tools

11 March 2019

The ideas address the main pillars of SuDS, namely water quality, water quantity, amenity, and biodiversity. 

ICE and Wavin design sprint produces 4 potential SuDs tools

A ‘super designer’ tool to help sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) professionals to meet requirements, and a SuDS rating scheme for developers, housebuilders, and homebuyers, are some of the proposals generated at a recent SuDS design sprint.

Delegates from across the SuDS industry gathered at the event in Leeds, the second in a series of design sprints that ICE’s hosting in partnership with pipes manufacturer Wavin.

Engineers, housing developers, architects, and representatives from local authorities and water and sewerage companies came together to address common challenges and find better ways for managing surface water.

Through a series of creative and collaborative exercises, the delegates worked in teams to come up with innovative ideas and proposals for the effective implementation of SuDS that could meet the needs of all stakeholder groups.

They generated four concepts for blueprints that fulfil the four pillars of SuDS: water quality, water quantity, amenity, and biodiversity.

SuDS Super Designer – a design tool for SuDS professionals that enables designers to be confident that their designs meet all functional requirements and are sustainable for the specific site. It would also give designers the ability to compare and contrast their design with others.

Living with Water – a public-facing campaign to explain the benefits of SuDS to householders and build their active support and demand for SuDS. Resources would include a website and mobile platform, SuDS map, augmented-reality visualisation of flooding with and without SuDS, community boards, online forum, and linked events.

SuDS Rating Scheme – a tool for developers, housebuilders, and homebuyers to enable them to include the most effective SuDS in their schemes while also being commercially and aesthetically appealing to customers.

Culture Change for SuDS – a high-profile, public-facing campaign to explain water management to the public so that they understand the benefits of, and need for, SuDS. This would include the use of social media influencers, Grand Designs-style series, Water for Schools programme, digital engagement and local heroes awards.