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ICE Awards committee seeks new members

27 January 2022

As the ICE Awards 2022 approach, ICE is seeking new members for its awards committee who are keen to see engineers and infrastructure innovations get recognition.

ICE Awards committee seeks new members
ICE’s awards committee is responsible for the review and adjudication of nominations to select the best people and projects. Image credit: Edmond D/Pexels

ICE is calling for three volunteers to join its award committee to help review applications for the ICE’s Annual Awards.

These awards recognise the civil engineers and projects that have helped to improve the profession and contributed to developing sustainable infrastructure. They celebrate those who are making a difference in the industry, and designing and collaborating on projects that best support communities throughout the country.

ICE’s awards committee is responsible for the review and adjudication of nominations to select the best people and projects.

The Gold Medal is an award for civil engineering excellence and this year will recognise an individual who has demonstrably worked to share lessons learnt for the good and advancement of the profession.

This year, the Brunel Medal specifically seeks to recognise excellence in the decarbonisation of civil engineering and the infrastructure sector.

The International Medal will recognise a civil engineer who has had prime responsibility for an outstanding project or initiative that has contributed to decarbonising civil engineering outside of the UK.

The Bev Waugh Award is for a leader or individual who has made a positive impact on joint team working and has demonstrated how the productivity of the industry can be transformed by driving modern methods of procurement and manufacture.

The award will recognise the creative design of an engineering project that contributes to mitigating and adapting to the significant effects of climate change.

This award recognises work that has benefited society by improving the sustainability of water. The work might relate to an engineering project, a programme of works, a policy, or a piece of research. It is open to individuals and organisations.

The Garth Watson Medal is awarded for long, dedicated, and valuable service to the institution by a member or member of staff.

This is awarded to an ICE member in recognition of the valuable service they have given to their region.

What is ICE looking for in an award committee member?

The ideal candidate will be an ICE member with significant experience in their field of engineering, who can commit to attending two meetings a year for a three-year term. Committee members are expected to review and score the nominations before the meetings.

ICE welcomes applications from across its membership base around the world. It is looking for a diverse mix of judges with different professional backgrounds.

Candidates may have previously been involved with an ICE project, activity or committee and are enthusiastic about helping ICE to identify the best people and projects in the sector.

Being on the committee is a valued role that provides an opportunity to contribute to the profession by helping to uncover the best projects and industry members around the world.

How to apply

Those interested should submit their CV and a brief personal statement to Adam Kirkup. The personal statement should explain the reasons for joining the committee and what specialisms the candidate has to offer. The deadline for applications is 05 March 2022.

For any questions about the experience or commitment required, please contact Adam Kirkup to arrange an informal discussion.

Further information on the judging process for the ICE Awards 2022

Nominations are currently open for the 2022 Awards and close on 31 March 2022.

After the deadline, the awards committee will review and score applications, meet to discuss their assessments and agree on a winner for each award. There are eight categories in total, each of which align with one or more of ICE's key themes.

Enter the awards

  • Adam Kirkup, engineering communities manager at ICE