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ICE Benevolent Fund partners with Dementia UK to support members and their family

01 February 2024

Members will be able to book appointments with Admiral Nurses, who specialise in dementia care, on a fast-track basis.

ICE Benevolent Fund partners with Dementia UK to support members and their family
Anyone touched by dementia can access an appointment. Image credit: Shutterstock

The ICE Benevolent Fund has partnered with Dementia UK to offer ICE members all over the world, and their families, fast-track access to dementia care.

The new offering became available on 1 February 2024 to mark Time to Talk Day in the UK, which encourages people to have conversations about mental health.

The new partnership allows members and their families to book appointments (via phone, or Microsoft Teams) with Admiral Nurses on a fast-track basis.

Admiral Nurses are qualified, registered nurses who have specialised in dementia care.

Anyone touched by dementia can access an appointment, including:

  • those who are waiting for a diagnosis;
  • those who already have a diagnosis; and
  • those who are supporting, caring for, or living with someone who has or is waiting for a diagnosis.

This new service will be supported by a masterclass in May where members will learn more about dementia and the support available to them.

Members will be able to pose questions to an Admiral Nurse during the session.

The ICE Benevolent Fund believes this will be a high-value service, especially to those who are either struggling to get GP appointments or who would rather get support through alternative avenues.

It also benefits those who don’t have access to affordable or readily available healthcare services.

The ICE Benevolent Fund

We all need a helping hand from time to time. That is why the ICE Benevolent Fund has been supporting members of the ICE and their families since 1864.

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  • Sarah Mason-Parker, casework and communications executive at ICE Benevolent Fund