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ICE celebrates technician scholarship success

17 February 2022

ICE awards 63 QUEST scholarships to members studying towards their professional qualification.

ICE celebrates technician scholarship success
ICE QUEST Technician scholars - like past scholar Hannah Monaghan (pictured) - get a financial award and recognition for their abilities and potential.

Sixty-three ICE members have been awarded ICE QUEST Technician Scholarships this month.

The scholarships were awarded to the following ICE members:

  • Aaron Brown
  • Aaron O'Hagan
  • Abigail Wright
  • Andrew Smales
  • Asiba Safi
  • Callum Parkhill
  • Charlie Nullmyers
  • Charlotte Wojcik
  • Chloe Copeland
  • Christine Laessing
  • Christopher Purvis
  • Colin Baldwin
  • Connor Meecham
  • Daniela Zanni
  • Davey Wallace
  • Declan Wright
  • Elaine Yip
  • Ella Barker
  • Euan Hillerby
  • Fionn McKenna
  • Georgina Moroney
  • Harry Ford
  • Ibrahim Kapasi
  • Jack Picketts
  • Jenny Stanley
  • Jessica Clark
  • John Payne
  • Joshua Evans
  • Kayla Van Der Mescht
  • Lauren Carey
  • Lauren Colwell
  • Lauren Willacott
  • Leanne Burgess
  • Leena Begum
  • Leo Powell
  • Leon Toner
  • Levi Hart
  • Liam Boyek
  • Luca Grail-Langston
  • Luke Pemberton
  • Matthew Houlden
  • Molly Drinkald
  • Nargiz Kamalova
  • Olivia Oakley
  • Oluwatosin Adekugbe
  • Patrick Fairhurst
  • Paul Gocher
  • Rachel Kennedy
  • Rajan Bhalla
  • Rhydian Llewellyn
  • Ryan Sharkey
  • Sabrina Irfan
  • Sam Pilling
  • Samuel Cartledge
  • Santina Bunting
  • Sarah Patterson
  • Shaun Jinks
  • Talha Wadud
  • Tasmin Leaman-Hewitt
  • Travis Redfern
  • Ver-se Abudar
  • William Armstrong
  • Zane Sewell

QUEST Technician Scholarships worth up to £1,000 are given to outstanding candidates who show leadership, ambition, determination and ability to work well in teams or independently.

All ICE scholars are working towards professional qualification as either Engineering Technician (EngTech MICE) or Incorporated Engineer (IEng MICE).

ICE’s director of membership, Séan Harris, congratulated the new scholars: “Huge congratulations to our new QUEST scholars... With global communities facing extraordinary climate and sustainability challenges, seeing the quality of emerging engineers makes the future seem that much brighter.”

The next round of applications opens in autumn 2022.

ICE is committed to supporting its members

There are QUEST scholarships supporting members and students to learn at all stages of their career, including the Undergraduate scholarship for those applying to university this year.

  • Kathryn Denham-Maccioni, digital engagement manager at ICE