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ICE encourages members to take part in ethics survey

10 May 2022

The engineering industry is gathering data on the professional conduct issues that matter most to engineers.

ICE encourages members to take part in ethics survey
Have your say on the state of ethics and professional conduct in the engineering industry. Image credit: Shutterstock

The ICE is calling for members to take part in a survey to help the engineering industry identify the biggest ethical issues affecting engineers working today.

UK-based engineers and technicians have been invited to share their views on ‘behaviours and motivations in the workplace’ in a survey commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng).

Richard Bayfield, ICE Fellow and trustee for ethics and professional conduct, said: “I know your time is precious, but I would encourage you to join me and take part.

“[The survey] will provide reliable data for the ICE and the other engineering organisations as to areas where we should be focussing our work.”

‘I find myself at odds with my employer when it comes to acting ethically’

The ethics trustee described RAEng’s research as “timely” and “well crafted”.

One of the statements in the survey is: I often find myself at odds with my employer when it comes to acting ethically.

Bayfield said this was particularly relevant based on an issue he’s come across a few times in his trustee role.

“A seemingly common complaint is being asked to falsely report (lie) on the cost, time or safety of a project, knowing that life may become uncomfortable for the person who challenges the report,” he said.

Keeping whistleblowers anonymous

Bayfield said that another “common thread” was the problem of maintaining confidentiality.

This was a problem particularly “when an employee is being coerced into an unsafe or corrupt practice by senior management,” he said.

He added: “Our corruption expert, Bob McKittrick (former IStructE President) has pointed us to the Protect organisation because it allows for the whistleblower to remain anonymous and works across all industries.”

Have your say

The 15-minute survey closes on 31 May 2022. Participants can remain anonymous.

Take the survey

  • Anh Nguyen, content strategy manager at ICE