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ICE endorses Orr Presidential Commission recommendations

12 December 2019

ICE’s Council and Trustees have approved the recommendations from the Orr Presidential Commission. Trustees will now review any governance changes required for implementation next year.

ICE endorses Orr Presidential Commission recommendations

At its latest Council Meeting, ICE Council members approved all of the recommendations in the recently published Presidential Commission into ICE Governance’s Final Report. It advocated that the Trustee Board should adopt the recommendations.

Trustee Board agreed that it will implement the recommendations and will report to members early next year on how it intends to do this.

Commenting on the report, ICE President Paul Sheffield said:

“ICE’s Council has carefully considered the findings in the Final Report and endorsed them. It has recommended to Trustee Board that it takes steps to consider how best to enact them. I am pleased to say that the Trustee Board have confirmed that it accepts the recommendations and will implement them next year.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Commission’s Chair David Orr and the rest of its members for the hard work that they have put in to ensuring that the views of our members across the world were heard.

“I would also like to thank those members who submitted their views to the Commission. It is evident that ICE has a passionate membership that cares immensely about the Institution. It is really important to me that we have had such comprehensive support for this Final Report and we shall implement the findings speedily”.

The Trustee Board and Council will communicate regularly through the Presidential Commission page on the website to inform members of any governance changes it proposes to make to ensure the fullest possible transparency. Members will also be updated on a regular basis across ICE’s usual communication channels.

A new e-mail address has also been introduced to allow members to contact ICE’s governance office with any questions they may have at [email protected].