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Exhibition urges young people to help engineer a net zero world

15 June 2022

ICE unveils a new exhibition highlighting the role of civil engineers in meeting the challenges of climate change and achieving net zero targets. 

Exhibition urges young people to help engineer a net zero world
ICE President Ed McCann launched the free exhibition on Wednesday 15 June at Bristol Airport. Image credit: Wind & Foster

ICE’s UK regions have launched a touring exhibition that will inspire young people to become civil engineers and help tackle climate change.

The exhibition, Time Is Running Out - Help us engineer a net zero world, explores the future of infrastructure, focusing on how civil engineers can find sustainable solutions in sectors such as transport, energy and water.

Its aim is to inspire young people who are passionate about the environment to consider civil engineering as a career.

It will show that the industry can make a tangible difference on climate change and contribute to the UK’s legally binding net zero target by 2050.

Based around three illuminated pods, the exhibition features original hand-drawn illustrations and profiles of civil engineers.

Six questions are explored:

  • Why don't we value water?
  • What can we do to end waste?
  • Can we keep travelling?
  • Do we need smarter cities?
  • Where will our energy come from?
  • How do we live with flooding?

TV presenter, Rob Bell, talks to children about the questions in a series of short films embedded within the pods. The films also showcase award-winning engineering projects from across the UK.

Touring the country

ICE President Ed McCann launched the free exhibition on Wednesday 15 June at Bristol Airport.

It will remain on display in Bristol until 31 July, greeting thousands of families as they embark on their summer holidays.

Next, the exhibition will move to Rochester Cathedral in Kent from 4-30 August and then onto Leeds Station, Northern Concourse from 3-8 October.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, the exhibition will appear at railways stations and other high-profile locations in Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Plymouth.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to see the exhibition during its 18 month-long tour.

Furthermore, school and college students will be offered extra educational enrichment activities with ICE’s network of STEM volunteers.

Mock up of Time Is Running Out pods
The exhibition is based around bespoke illuminated pods.

Miranda Housden, ICE South West Regional Director and exhibition curator, highlighted the role civil engineers play in addressing the impact of climate change.

She said: “Civil engineers are the people who design, build and maintain the modern world around us."

"They are at the forefront of addressing some of the major impacts of climate change [and] playing a vital role in helping us transition to a low carbon future, from building renewable energy facilities to upgrading our road networks for electric vehicle charging,” she said.

Housden said the exhibit will help raise awareness of the connection between civil engineering and carbon neutrality.

“It speaks directly to young people who want to be part of future solutions that can help us live better lives, without costing the planet,” she said.

Visit the exhibition website for supporting information about infrastructure, net zero challenges and how to become a civil engineer.

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